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        Group Overview

        SUNNY group was established in Shanghai in July 1995. Now it has developed into a national company with businesses across the whole country. SUNNY provides professional services in construction project consulting, design, construction, supplying building materials and furniture , IT and after-sales maintenance for building and decoration projects in chain stores, offices, hotels, restaurants, factories, commercial space, etc. We have subsidiaries and offices in domestic and overseas locations such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Shenzhen,Wuhan,Hong Kong, Tokyo. After decades of development, the group has become a leading architectural engineering and interior design company in China. We also have active businesses in other fields such as maintenance, after-sales service, material development, cultural creativity and ecological agriculture.

        SUNNY group holds the general contracting qualification for construction engineering; professional contracting qualification for architectural decoration projects and design qualification for architectural decoration projects issued by Shanghai Commission of Construction and Transportation. SUNNY is also the Vice President company of China Interior Decoration Association and is granted double Class-A qualifications in "design" and "construction" by the association.

        Group organizational structure
        Shanghai Sunny Industrial Co.,Ltd. affiliated enterprise
        Shanghai Sunny Construction & Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
        Guangzhou Branch
        Beijing Branch
        Shenyang Office
        Wuhan Branch
        Shenzhen Branch
        Dalian Branch
        Japan SEIGYO Co.,Ltd.
        Shanghai SUNNY Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
        Shanghai Star Service Technology Co., Ltd
        Shanghai SUNNY Corporate Management Co.,Ltd.
        Shanghai SUNNY Agriculture Cooperative Co.,Ltd.
        Shanghai Zhongan Fire Safety Engineering Co., Ltd
        Business landscape

        Professional service outlets in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities

        24 hour after-sales maintenance, repair, consultation and complaint handling

        Development journey
        Awards and Acknowledgements
        Outstanding entrepreneur Award of China Democratic National Construction Associatio
        Outstanding Contribution Award of China Interior Decoration Industry to Chairman Wu Jun by China Interior Decoration Association
        Outstanding Contribution Award by China Interior Design Week and Shanghai International Interior Design Festival
        Shanghai Gold Medal Industry Leader in Interior Decoration
        Best Service Brand Award by Shanghai International Interior Design Festival

        National Excellent Design Award in Decoration National Decoration Project Gold Award
        National Excellent Interior Decoration Enterprise

        National Excellent Interior Decoration Design Award

        National Excellent Interior Decoration Project Award

        3rd CCB Cup Shanghai Housing Provident Fund Credible Payment Enterprise
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